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      Become a Vendor Make money with us

      Read details below and contact us


      So you think you know a lot of DJs here is the chance to make some $$

      Easy steps

      We will give you a link that you can share on your social medias

      at the end of the month we will pull a report and give you a percentage of the total sales.

      Starting percentage is 10%, if you are a high roller then we will pump that up!



      This is new program so jump on board. All you need to do is share the link we give you.

      If you don't generate any sales by the end of the month you may be pulled from the vendor list.

      If you are ready to become a vendor contact us 

      • Please provide us with your payment preferred method such as Paypal email, Cash app tag, venmo tag. etc.  
      • Email you would like to get information sent to
      • Cell #