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      Here you will find answers to the most ask questions about ordering from us.

      1. Q: How do I get my order

          A:  Via e-mail, please check your junk/spam folder within 3 days of ordering 

      2. Q: How do I submit my name when I order the DJ Packs

          A: You will see a "Add DJ name" in the product page

      3. Q: how fast do I get my drops

          A: We average between 1-4 business days, sometimes within hours if you catch us at the right time. the day you order does not count as 1 day.

      4. Q: how do you process payments

          A: We use paypal or a normal checkout with your Credit or Debit Card

      5. Q. What if my name is pronounced different than how its spelled

          A: Great question, we strongly suggest you upload an mp3 file with how you want your name pronounced. If we produce the Drop or spot and its not correct you will have to pay a revision fee of $15.