You agree that you have read and understood all the written details for each product being bought. 

Orders may take 2-4 business days on non holidays 7-10 during holidays (day of order does not count as 1) If you are a firs time customer.

This delivery ensures of the order wont be a fraud! and protects the customer and us against fraud!

Drops come with efx by default, you can request dry version as well, during checkout

You may have to pay a revision fee of $15 if you do not upload a sample audio for us to hear how your name is pronounced. You can send an audio after you order to info@audiodjdrops.com with your order number.

All notes and request are sent in with the order, not FB Messenger*

We DO NOT save your files, Save your Drops as you save your Own Music!

(hint, files will be in your email so check there if you every lose them)

We may keep files 1-2 weeks then they are deleted

You agree that you are an active working DJ and agree not to share or resell music packs (Music is for promotional use only) 

No refunds or revisions on pre made DJ Packs at any time (only if DJ name is miss pronounced by us) and you provided an audio with your name.

We only produce the scripts you provide,  its your responsibility to provide all scripts. (we may contact you to provide the rest of the scripts) We may create the extra scripts for you but there will be no revision on those what-so ever .You will have 24hrs to reply back with the missing scripts.

If we get to your scripts and you have not replied, we will produce the scripts that were sent in.

Don't ask to get the same exact effect you hear on the demos, we may not have those sessions saved, we have thousands of sound effects in our data base

If your DJ name may sound like a hispanic/latin, or any other accent name It's your responsible to let us know how you want it pronounced!

If you fail to reply back to our e-mail and we produce your order and you are not satisfied, you will need to reorder.

PRE MADE PACKS WILL NOT be remade to your liking, you will need to order a custom order if you want anything other than whats on the pre made packs

Its Up to you to provide your DJ name correctly, if you do or do not use DJ in front of you name, its your responsibility to let us know during check out 

We may or may not contact you to fix grammar errors

You agree that you have heard our sound cloud samples or any demos and are trusting us with our production.

You agree that you have chosen the proper voice for your order. No refunds if you order the wrong voice.

Some of our voices may have a latin accent. If you order an english script from them be aware you may hear an accent.

We do not produce sample first, payment must be made first before we begin production. 

Discounts and promotions: We often offer discounts, drops may be produced with basic effects for the duration of the discount.

If you submit your companies name instead of your DJ name for the packs, no revisions will be made if the packs don't make sense.

If you order an english voice talent and request a spanish accent with that voice, we are not responsible if your DJ name is pronounced incorrectly 

You are responsible to be specific on which drops you want in male, female, and with or without effects

Free DJ Drops order are on space available only, this means we cannot guarantee delivery on this product, buying customers come first. It may take more than a week for this delivery.

Failure to submit proper scripts for your custom order may result in a production delay!

We do not produce beat match voices, so for example, no 128bpm stretching of any kind, you must contact us prior to ordering.